Hi I’m Maria VA Johnson. I’m a voracious reader (at last count I have approx 400 books, not including the ones on Kindle) with a Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in English and Creative Writing. Put the two together and what do you have? EDITING! I love editing; the challenge of taking a raw manuscript and turning it into a book people would love to read is very fulfilling. I specialise in Fantasy novels, anything from Children’s to Adult, however, I have the ability to edit any genre.

I have lived most of my life in Essex, England – please don’t torture me with the stereotypes! – but took a hiatus from there with University in Lancaster, just south of the Lake District. Strangely enough I saw more typical ‘Essex’ behaviour there than I did at home!

I first got into writing seriously when I was in 6th Form, when I wrote a poem for my Nan’s funeral. It was heavily plagiarised – but it was my first attempt, and I grew to love poetry from there. I even got a poem published in an anthology in my second year of Uni, as well as being nominated for International Young Poet of the Year. If you want to know more about me… just wait and see what I’ll post next!

This is for my Nan, I love and miss you.


You used to call me your Little Angel,

Now you are one of them,

Your boundless kindness never was met,

And always you were a gem.


Your body always was around me,

Now your spirit is everywhere,

I know I should not mourn your passing,

But it’s more than I can bear.


I will not stand at your grave and weep,

For I know the truth,

You are happy where you are,

Though I have no proof.


This is not your resting place,

I will not stand and cry,

For I know you are not there,

And that you did not die.


I know these words can never express,

The love I feel for you,

Yet this is my only chance to say,

Loving you, I was born to do.


This is copyrighted to Maria VA Johnson, but I have posted it here for all those in need of a poetry reading for a funeral. Please feel free to use this.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Whahhhh, beautiful Maria; now I’ve just got to get past 9/8/12, the anniversary of my mother’s death. I lost it when I read @carlie2011c’s #blogflash2012 ‘Graveyard’ post because I had just finished writing mine and it was my mom’s birthday. Carlie’s sentiment towards her parents threw me over the edge that day. I rhymed mine as well and was needing a tangible place to be with her: http://donnalsadd.wordpress.com/2012/08/17/day-17-graveyard-blogflash2012/

    Note the reason why I’m happy to have found your blog Maria…I capitalized every darn sentence! :0)

    • Hi Donna,

      So sorry to have made you cry! I am glad you pushed through and wrote that poem to your mum, it can really help you deal with the emotions, it did when I wrote that poem for my Nan. I actually read it out at her funeral. As for the anniversary, I will be thinking of you (I assume that’s USA dating – 8th September?) and would advise you to spend some time alone in your special place and just talk to her. You won’t be able to hear her reply (unless you are pyschic), but she will be there. She will be with you, to comfort and support you as she always used to.

      As for capitalising the lines – I did that on my poem if you notice. Capitalisation is still valid, it’s just viewed as old-fashioned now. (And I didn’t learn that until I went to University 2 years later).

      Thinking of you

      Maria xoxo

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