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Forbidden Road Review


Forbidden Road

This is a brilliant follow-on to Tower of Bones. Sequels are often iffy, as you don’t know whether the author can keep the momentum going. Mrs Jasperson has done that and more. This book is better written, more descriptive and more gripping than the first – and I read Tower of Bones five times!

The characters go through practically every emotion under the sun at some point in the story, and their reactions are so well done, you can’t help feeling it with them. There were points when I laughed out loud as I read, and points where I felt myself crying.

Right from the start of the novel I was hooked as the main characters turned the world upside-down – doing it on a dime when they were thrust into the arena unawares. There were more twists and turns to surprise me as I continued reading, and some things I never saw coming; things I never wanted to happen to them. The role-reversal at the end was brilliantly done, and you could empathise with the confusion it caused.

I would recommend this series to anyone, and will be going slowly crazy in my room while I wait for the next book to be released.

5 * * * * *

My favourite line: “Sometimes you skitter around from topic to topic like a fart in a skillet!”

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