Hearts and Minds

My first poetry anthology, Hearts and Minds, released just in time for Christmas. This handy, pocket-sized paperback will be a perfect stocking-filler!




The most important human experiences of love and death are beautifully explored in this anthology. With carefully selected and themed sections: Loss; Love; Lyrical; and Life, the emotions invoked by the words as they flow over the page will touch your heart.


Buy from Amazon here: http://smarturl.it/Hearts-and-Minds

Buy other ebooks at Smashwords here: http://bit.ly/RkPGRU



by Kim Stapf, 29/Nov/12  ~~~~~ 5 STAR

This is beautiful poetry! Maria touches the soul with her beautiful words. She shows heart and emotion with every verse. I must say I found another great poet. Hearts & Minds is nicely spaced for easy understanding. I felt her pain and sadness in her words. Don’t miss this amazing book. Thank you Maria for sharing your soul with us. I totally recommend this poetry book, even if you don’t read poetry this book could change your mind.


by MG Wells, 20/Dec/12  ~~~~~ 5 STAR

HEARTS and MINDS by Maria V A Johnson is a touching collection of poems. Maria
deeply exposes her heart and soul, and I was truly touched by her words. I
highly recommend Heart and Minds.


by Carlie M. A. Cullen, 20/Dec/12  ~~~~~ 5 STAR

This book contains beautiful poetry. It is full of emotion as the author bares her soul through four sections: Loss, Love, Life and Lyrical. The words paint vivid pictures which transport you to her world. I would definitely recommend this to poetry lovers everywhere!
An author and poet to watch!


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