Review: Denai Touch by Tiffany Shand

Book Cover


Denai Touch is an unusual adult fantasy coming of age novel, where the maturation part takes place during the mid-twenties instead of adolescence. Cate McCray is the woman coming into her power and becoming immortal; if the process doesn’t kill her first. The prophesy about her also gives an added edge to proceedings. It enables us to see the extremes of Cate’s character, from fear of death, through to her strongest, when she finally fulfills the prophesy.  She is a very well-rounded person, and her involvement with her work partner, Jason, adds the necessary romance, and the fact that it’s forbidden increases the excitement.

I love Miss Shand’s imagination in creating the different races, and the social hierarchy of each of them. She has obviously put a lot of thought and planning into making this world work in every way; politically, economically, socially. It’s rare to find novels by new authors that are so well rounded, and Tiffany Shand has managed to put herself firmly in that category.

This is an amazing story, and I couldn’t put the book down. I would recommend it for anyone who loves fantasy involving witches.

4.5 Stars


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