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Book Launch: Denai Touch

I have exciting news… Denai Touch by Tiffany Shand has just been released!

This is an amazing fantasy book, well worth a read. Keep your eyes peeled, I have an excerpt and review coming up in April!

Book Cover


Cate McCray is no ordinary witch.

Prophesised to be the one to destroy the Covenant, an age-old organisation who seeks to enslave all Magickind, the race is on for them to kill her before she attains immortality.
But before receiving the phenomenal power that comes with it, she must first survive the ascension and the only person who can help her is her elemental partner, Jason Talbot. But when the time comes, her forbidden love for Jason threatens to destroy them both.
As leader of Excalibar, an elite team of Enforcers, they work to infiltrate the Covenant leading Cate into life-threatening situations. Can she outwit them before it’s too late?




About the Author

Profile Picture  Tiffany Shand was born in Essex, UK and started writing short stories when she was a child.

She has always done writing in one form or another and started writing novels in her early     teens.
Tiffany loves to read books and discovered her love for fantasy and paranormal romance during this time.
She writes both non-fiction and fiction, but mostly fantasy and paranormal romance.
After doing a creative writing course in her early 20s she is now a freelance writer and professional proofreader. She is currently studying for a journalism degree.

Tiffany lives in Essex with her two spoiled cats and one very nutty hamster.


Excerpt – Heart Search: Betrayal

A few days ago, author Carlie M A Cullen launched the final book in her trilogy, Heart Search: Betrayal. During the subsequent 3 week blog tour (7-27 Feb) you will read many interviews and excerpts – each one unique.

And… today is MY turn!


Betrayal front cover


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Joshua’s jaw dropped open and he stared at his elder in shocked disbelief. Immediately the surprise gave way to a primordial rage so intense, it radiated from every pore. “You coveted my fiancée? You watched her like a dirty voyeur looking for his perverse kicks? You let her see you, which probably scared her half to death?” With each snarled question he stepped closer, until he was in Samir’s face. “It’s all becoming clear now.” He nodded to himself.

“What is?”

“I never realised to what lengths you would go to stage manage those around you, or how ruthless you could be. I knew you were capable of it – just look at how you engineered that second . . . situation between Farrell and me. It almost cost me my life, but that didn’t really matter to you, did it? As long as you got what you wanted, the end justified the means. Farrell and I were expendable. That says so much about how deeply you care about your coven, your little family.” Joshua voice rose to a roar. He grabbed Samir by the throat, slammed him up against a tree then punched him in the face, hearing a satisfying crunch of bones.

He paused, savouring the feeling of having his maker at a disadvantage. When he spoke, his voice dripped with venom, cold as winter. “So now we get to the heart of it. You wanted Remy, my Remy, in your coven and went all out to get what you desired. How easy was it to manipulate Pavel and Iskra, to get them thinking along the same lines as you? How did you manage to sway them into agreeing it would be best if Remy became immortal? Do the most powerful vampires in the world know they’ve been manoeuvred by a master tactician? I wonder what they’d do to you if they realised. Perhaps I should educate them. It would be satisfying to see them mete out some justice.” A chilling smile crossed his face at the thought.

“And then we come to the deed itself,” Joshua continued. “You must have been so excited to be the one biting into her warm, human neck, to taste the blood you’d coveted for so long. I’m surprised you could contain yourself. You’re nothing but a sadistic, underhanded, controlling bastard!” He brought his knee up, missing Samir’s genitals by the merest fraction, catching him in the lower abdomen and pubis area. Samir clamped his eyes shut for a few moments so Joshua did it again, this time scoring a direct hit.

Samir raised his palms upwards and opened his mouth to speak, but Joshua tightened his grip on Samir’s throat.

“Move one more muscle and I will end you!” Joshua’s voice unnerved Samir and he fought to remain calm.

“If that is your desire, I won’t stop you. However, you are misreading this situation. Please just listen for a moment. Yes, I admit I engineered the altercation between you and Farrell and I’ve already apologised for my lack of judgement. The situation with Remy is completely different. I’ve already said I coveted her, but I didn’t know who she was. Even when Pavel, Iskra, and I were discussing her fate and trying to reach a fair and informed decision, I had no idea she was the one I’d been watching. It wasn’t until the night she was turned, when I officially met her at Grangewood, that I realised she was the same one.

“Think about it for a moment. Yes, I’d been observing and considering her suitability for the coven, but I didn’t know her name or who she was. Then you told me about Remy and your children’s visit to the manor. It was as a result of your disclosure that Pavel, Iskra, and I determined the best course of action for all concerned. Did I see Remy when she visited? No. Did I know what Remy looked like at that point? No. When we discussed how Remy was going to be turned, did I know then she was the same woman I’d sought? No! I can understand your anger at my revelation, but surely you can see there was nothing premeditated in the decision reached.” There was a pleading quality to Samir’s voice that Joshua hadn’t heard before and although it touched a chord deep within, his fury was too pronounced for it to reach him.

“You are a silver-tongued demon, Samir, but something doesn’t quite add up here.”

“Like what?” Samir looked puzzled.

“Oh, like the fact that we immortals have super-senses, hearing being one of them. You explained how you were looking in the window of her house on many occasions over a period of time. Now the likelihood of her being on her own every single time you chose to visit is remote. So working on the law of averages, and knowing how often Remy’s twin used to visit, you seriously expect me to believe you never once heard her name mentioned?”

AND… there’s even more for you. The author is running a giveaway! Check out her site for pictures of the various prizes.

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About the Author

HEADSHOTCarlie M A Cullen was born in London. She grew up in Hertfordshire where she first discovered her love of books and writing.

She has always written in some form or another, but started to write novels in 2011. Her first book was published by Myrddin Publishing in 2012. She writes in the Fantasy/Paranormal Romance genres for New Adult and Adult.

Carlie is also a principal editor for Eagle Eye Editors.

Carlie also holds the reins of a writing group called Writebulb. They have published four anthologies so far, two for adults and two for children, all of which raise money for a local hospice.

Carlie currently lives in Essex, UK with her daughter.

Book Launch – Heart Search: Betrayal

You saw the cover reveal a few days ago, now it’s time to give you the book! The final volume in the Heart Search trilogy is officially launched TODAY! The author is running a 3 week blog tour, so keep an eye out for various excerpts, interviews and reviews. Links to them will be posted on her website daily.

Heart Search Test Cover 300ppi


If you haven’t had the chance to check out this amazing series, the first book, Heart Search: Lost is FREE on Kindle for this weekend ONLY! Get it while you can.



NOW… (drum roll please)… I present to you, Heart Search: Betrayal!

Betrayal front cover

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One bite started it all . . .

Joshua, Remy, and the twins are settled in their new life. However, life doesn’t always run smoothly. An argument between Becky and her twin causes unforeseen circumstances, an admission by Samir almost costs him his life, and the traitor provides critical information to Liam. But who is it?

As Jakki’s visions begin to focus on the turncoat’s activities, a member of the coven disappears, and others find themselves endangered.

And when Liam’s coven attacks, who will endure?

Fate continues to toy with mortals and immortals alike, and as more hearts descend into darkness, can they overcome the dangers they face and survive?


Check out this amazing trailer!


AND… even more for you to see. The author is running a giveaway! Check out her site for pictures of the various prizes.

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About the Author

HEADSHOTCarlie M A Cullen was born in London. She grew up in Hertfordshire where she first discovered her love of books and writing.

She has always written in some form or another, but started to write novels in 2011. Her first book was published by Myrddin Publishing in 2012. She writes in the Fantasy/Paranormal Romance genres for New Adult and Adult.

Carlie is also a principal editor for Eagle Eye Editors.

Carlie also holds the reins of a writing group called Writebulb. They have published four anthologies so far, two for adults and two for children, all of which raise money for a local hospice.

Carlie currently lives in Essex, UK with her daughter.

Unremembered Things by Rachel Tsoumbakos

Unremembered Things by Rachel Tsoumbakos (Genre: Paranormal Romance)

Unremembered Things (Wood Nymph Chronicles #1) by Rachel Tsoumbakos
Age category: New Adult
Release Date: February 10, 2015
Genre: Paranormal Romance


One woman, two worlds and nothing but UNREMEMBERED THINGS separating them.

Indiana Shamira has a dark secret that could shatter her version of reality and get her killed in the process. Now if only she could remember what it is…

When Indiana wakes with no memory of her past life and a vampire called Sam hanging from the rafters in her cellar, she knows things are about to get nasty. Not only does Sam know all about her previous life, but he seems intent on seducing her as well. Of course her boyfriend, Kurt, has different ideas – like making her open the portal to hell!

And then there is the nagging suspicion that Indiana is not entirely human, now she can see ghostly images from the Otherworld. Or could it be from the life she can no longer remember? They include the flickering effigy of Kurt and a redwood forest that conjures up deeply repressed magic.

Not only will Indiana have to risk everything to keep the door to another dimension closed, she will have to decide whether she is ready to lose her heart to someone who has more secrets than herself.

Set in the lush Australian bush, UNREMEMBERED THINGS is a fusion of fantasy, paranormal and forbidden romance.

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“It is time.” Her voice purred like a kitten, but Indiana suspected she was really a feral animal on the inside.

“For what?” Her voice was raspy, hesitant and unsure if she really wanted to know the answer. Somewhere, deep inside, she suspected she already knew.

“Just remember I’m doing this for us,” Sam whispered into her ear. “So we can be together forever.”

Before Indiana could question him further, she felt a flurry of hands over her body. Indiana tried to open her eyes, but a warm hand reached up and carefully covered them.

Indiana was bitten – hard, and she groaned in pleasure. Shocked by her unexpected display, she clutched her hands outwards. Feeling the writhe of skin on skin, she tried to pull herself free. The tickle of fingers across her neck and down her spine calmed her with their warm familiarity.

“It’s okay, Indiana.”

The feathery words danced across her skin, warm like a summer breeze. She stilled and let Sam’s fingers intertwine with her own, relieved by his simple touch.

Time seemed to move forward and Indiana was presented with brief snippets of fleeting images; Camilla biting Sam, biting her. Indiana enjoying the pain of Camilla’s sharp teeth as they gnashed at her neck, her thighs and her wrist. The flurry of skin and hands and teeth as they writhed together in the height of passion. Pale hands slithered over her own luminescent skin, then Sam’s darker skin brushed against her own, warming her and protecting her but against what she was unsure.

Then Camilla poised over Sam, a knife in her hand. A flash of blood as it splayed out from a gaping neck wound. Indiana’s involuntary gasp and then choking sob at the sight of the cavernous hole. Hungry sucking as Camilla drank her fill. A warm hand, its fingers still laced through hers, slowing turning ice cold.


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  • 1 x eCopy of Metanoia
  • 1 x eCopy of The Ring of Lost Souls
  • 1 x $10 Amazon gift card

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About the Author

Rachel Tsoumbakos. Author of contemporary horror and paranormal fiction.Rachel Tsoumbakos is a stay home mother of two.

Her main passions are writing, reading and organic gardening. Rachel lives with her husband, two kids, three cats and eight chickens in the hills surrounding Melbourne, Australia.

While she has had several articles published through mainstream magazines, she has also written extensively for True Blood Net and the now defunct Suite 101.

When she is not tending to her organic veggie garden, she is working on her cardio as she trains for the zombie apocalypse.

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The Dreaded Red Pen

Today is the final day of the Heart Search: Lost Blog Tour. I know, I know. How ironic to end a blog tour  for a vampire novel on Halloween? But today is the perfect day to go all out! How many of you trick-or-treaters will dress up as Joshua tonight? Or Samir, or Jasna? Whoever you dress up as, have a great time! And to those that celebrate a more traditional Samhain or All Hallow’s Eve, blessed be. Also, make sure you get your entries in for the Heart Search giveaway before it closes today at midnight EST!

Now a final parting shot from Ms Carlie M. A. Cullen, to say goodbye to the Blog Tour for her first novel Heart Search: Lost.


You write your novel, the first draft is finished and you experience a sense of euphoria which lasts for several days, during which time you’ve sent it off to your editor.

A few years ago, you would have printed it out and sent it by mail or courier and all the corrections would have come back written in red pen. These days it’s obviously much easier to do everything electronically. The Comments boxes on the Review pane in Word have replaced the dreaded red pen.

None of us are naïve enough to think we’ve produced the perfect manuscript first time – or are we?

When I finished the first draft on Heart Search, my first full length novel, I thought maybe I’d made a few grammatical errors along the way, but that was about it. To me it was close to perfect. I’d done spell check so knew there were no spelling errors. But spell check can’t tell you ‘form’ should have been ‘from’. As far as spell check is concerned there is a correct spelling in that position. These were things I didn’t think about.

I found an experienced professional editor, Maria V A Johnson, who understood my nervousness, went out of her way to explain the process and didn’t overcharge. I was so impressed by her attitude I engaged her services and sent her my manuscript that very day.

When I got the edited manuscript back from my wonderful editor, I was gobsmacked and totally unprepared for how many corrections would be needed. It turned out my ‘close to perfect’ story needed a lot of work. I must admit I felt a bit deflated at first and I began to doubt whether I had any talent for writing at all. But I picked myself up and with a heavy heart began to look through the comments Maria had made.

As I went through them, I realised most of her comments were just because of silly mistakes I’d made where I’d been so caught up in the writing, I’d switched tenses or put commas where I should have used semi colons and things of that ilk. She also pointed out over-used and superfluous words which, when removed, made the sentences much stronger.

She looked at sentence structure and suggested ways to improve them. She pointed out areas where I was telling instead of showing. There were comments about sentences which didn’t flow very well and again suggested ways to fix the problem. Maria also looked at duplications of the same word(s) used close together and suggested alternatives. As well as looking at each line, she looked at the story as a whole and made structural and developmental suggestions. Each comment was written in an encouraging tone which made suggestions. I never felt I was forced to do anything. She used words like consider and suggest, leaving me in a position where I knew she recognised everything was ultimately my decision. I think she knew I needed her to acknowledge that.

We didn’t always agree on changes she suggested, which of course is the author’s privilege, but we’d forged a good working relationship where we could discuss the issues and often reached a good compromise.

By the time I’d finished going through all the comments and alterations, I realised the polished work on my screen had worth. There was a good story with strong relatable characters and I got to thinking that maybe, just maybe, I did have some talent after all.

Of course the process didn’t stop there. I had an alpha reader and two beta readers, all of whom made comments and gave valuable feedback. This resulted in me making a few more changes to the story and Maria once more edited my revisions.

The final result is the book which has now been released for sale and I have to say it’s a heady feeling.

My attitude towards editing has completely changed. I can now see why it’s so important to have a professional editor go through my work. I was too close to my words to see the errors – I saw what I wanted it to be and not what was actually written on the page. Maria opened my eyes and made me see and for that I’m incredibly grateful. She has supported me through the whole process and continues to do so as I launch Heart Search: Lost by joining my Blog Tour and helping to publicise it for me, all of which she’s doing out of the goodness of her heart. Editors like her are a rare find and I’ve already engaged her to edit books two and three of the Heart Search Trilogy!

Editing is a positive process, not a negative one. If you approach it in a professional manner, with an open mind and understand the editor’s position is to help and guide you, you will emerge with a polished work to be proud of.


Thank you so much for that Carlie! I wish you all the luck and success in the world for your new novel – and I can’t wait for book two to land in my inbox!

Other posts today are as follows:

Review: http://bit.ly/VDlZYx

Interview: http://wp.me/27ipo

Excerpt: http://bit.ly/Tu7OY7


You can buy the book from the link in the sidebar.

Visit Ms Cullen at her website: http://carliemacullen.com


Well, the moment you have all been waiting for is finally here! Heart Search: Lost by Carlie M. A. Cullen is now LIVE! YAY!!!!

View the book trailer one more time!

Read the Prologue again! 

His hiding place was perfect; darkness surrounded and comforted him and he became one with it. He had chosen well. The ancient ruins were totally hidden by overgrown shrubs and trees. From this place, he could venture out before dusk, completely obscured by the dense canopy of the primordial trees; the sun struggled to break through even at midday.

He was close, closer than ever before; so close the flavour of the human’s essence coated his sensitive tongue. The one sought was nearby – he could sense him. He had searched for a very long time to find someone this special. Sure he’d found talent along the way, but this one, this human was something else entirely.

The excitement was building inside like a volcano preparing to erupt. His tongue ran over his teeth; venom pooled in his mouth and he savoured the flavour. There would be a new flavour to add to it soon. Very soon.

He first detected the scent two days ago. Unfortunately, an opportunity had not presented itself and he had become frustrated to the point of anger as strategy after strategy was thwarted by the most stupid and pointless of reasons. He was tenacious when there was something he desired and right now there was nothing he desired more than this human. There was a plentiful supply around to quench his thirst – that was not his aim.

His reverie was interrupted – a familiar scent wafted on the air that permeated the shelter. It was the human – the one he sought – and so near, too near to be allowed to escape again. Once more venom collected in his mouth.

He moved swiftly through the darkness with perfect vision towards the exit hidden amongst the foliage. The closer he got to the outside, the stronger the scent, and the more eager he became.

It was time.

And here is a sneak peak from further inside the book!

I am the most senior member of this coven after Samir and you will recognise my superiority,” Farrell’s voice thundered through the room, causing the light fittings to quiver. Erika and Jasna cringed into their chairs, not in fright but disbelief. Erika was in agony as the emotions assaulted her body in blows, but Farrell was too far gone to even think about his partner.

“The hell I will,” Joshua retorted, his tone causing a blizzard of air to blast through the room. His hands balled into fists so tight his bones jutted through his skin.

Farrell’s expression contorted once more, rearranging his features into that of a deranged psychopath. Erika cried out as the torture assailed her in waves and Jasna put her arms around her friend’s shoulders to try to comfort her. Farrell was completely oblivious. With a shriek of pure rage, his hands moved faster than a cobra’s strike to encircle Joshua’s throat.

Joshua reacted instinctively. He knew Farrell had the strength to literally rip his head off and it would be the end of him. One hand streaked up to grab Farrell’s throat while the other grabbed one of Farrell’s wrists and gripped it in a crushing vice, a guttural growl ripping from his throat. Joshua brought his knee upwards connecting with the area between Farrell’s legs then used the same leg to swipe at Farrell’s ankles, sweeping his legs from under him. Farrell snarled like a savage wolf as both men fell on the floor in a tangled heap, neither willing to let the other have the advantage.

Farrell was the first to recover, using his strength to manoeuvre himself on top of Joshua he released the free hand from around Joshua’s throat and punched him in the face. Joshua roared, not in pain but in fury. He pushed against the floor with his feet, leaving a divot in the wood and dislodged Farrell who fell onto his side.

WOW! How does the fight end? Read the book to find out!

Amazon USA: http://amzn.to/Q5FusD

Amazon UKhttp://amzn.to/SUuaOC

Now meet Carlie!

Carlie M A Cullen was born in London. She grew up in Hertfordshire where she first discovered her love of books and writing. She has been an administrator and marketer all her working life and is also a professional teacher of Ballroom and Latin American dancing.

Carlie has always written in some form or another, but Heart Search: Lost is her first novel. This is being launched 8th October 2012 through Myrddin Publishing Group and work has started on book two: Heart Search: Found. She writes mainly in the Fantasy/Paranormal Romance genres for YA, New Adult and Adult.

Carlie is also a professional editor.

Carlie also holds the reins of a writing group called Writebulb. Their first anthology was published September 2012.

Carlie currently lives in Essex, UK with her daughter.

She can be found on her website at: http://carliemacullen.com

Now do you want to enter the giveaway? Top prize is a Kindle!

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