Hearts and Minds

I’m a professional editor. Give me a raw manuscript and I know exactly what to do with it. But when it comes to actually publishing a book, I’m as green as the newest recruit – as I’ve discovered the hard way this past month.

I have been writing a poetry anthology for the past couple of months. When I deemed it ready, I sent it off to be edited by my good friend Shaun Allan. (Yes, even though I’m an editor, I still had to get someone else to edit my work – author’s blindness extends even to us!) I got my work back covered in red pen, and I made the necessary changes. So far everything went to schedule. Being an editor, I could see what he meant, and could take it for what it was – an opinion of how it could be improved, rather than the personal attack some immature and unprofessional writers assume.

This is where it changed though. The only other times I’ve been published was in a poetry anthology during my Uni years, and my writing group’s anthology, The Other Way is Essex, and I wasn’t involved in the publication stage. That was all handled by Carlie M. A .Cullen, who heads the group. It was a novel experience, having to create the copyright page and format the document. I had to find someone to produce the cover design, had to build an Amazon author page. The list of things to do still goes on.

I’ve recently submitted to join a publishing cooperative, Myrddin Publishing Group, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I will be accepted. I’ve been impressed by the professional manner in which they conduct themselves and how supportive they are of their members’ publishing endeavours.

Keep your eyes peeled as I’m hoping to get it published before Christmas. The paperback will be a handy pocket size, great for slipping into a stocking!


This is a work in progress and may not be the final cover.



The most important human experiences of love and death are beautifully explored in this anthology. With carefully selected and themed sections: Loss; Love; Lyrical; and Life, the emotions invoked by the words as they flow over the page will touch your heart.



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