Heart Search: Lost

I believe I mentioned before that I edited Heart Search: Lost by Carlie M. A. Cullen. Sometimes being the editor pays off! In all of the Blog Tour, I am the only one to get a SECOND excerpt of this wonderful book!



And here is the excerpt!


I checked the wine bottles on the table and found they were both empty. My glass was half empty and Pat’s only had about a mouthful left. She saw me check them and slurred,

“D’ya wanna open ‘nuther one?”

I shook my head. “Nah. Think I need t’go bed.”

“Think I do too,” she chuckled, her eyes somewhat unfocussed.

I drained my glass and carefully returned it to the table, using both hands to steady it. She made a grab for her wine and only succeeded in knocking her glass over. She chuckled again as she watched the contents puddle onto the tablecloth.

“Oooops. I made a mesh!” she exclaimed between giggles.

“C’mon, bedtime, yeah?” I asked trying to push myself to my feet, using the table for support.

“Yesh pleeease,” she replied trying to copy me, but only managing in lifting her behind a few inches off the seat before collapsing back into it, which resulted in another fit of giggles.

Using the table for balance, I swerved around it and dragging her arm around my shoulder, I managed to get her to her feet. We linked arms and weaved through the dining room to the exit. Once into the reception area we hugged and said goodnight – Pat headed in one direction and I headed towards the stairs.

I grabbed the banister rail and looked upwards; the stairs were comparable to a small mountain and instead of steps there appeared to be a smooth slide. I put one foot on the first tread and as I proceeded to move my weight onto it, my foot slid off and I ended up on the floor. I sniggered, before deciding it would probably be safer and more productive to crawl up, so on hands and knees I negotiated the stairs and eventually made it to my floor.

I edged a short way along the hall before getting to my feet, using door handles and the dado rail which ran the length of the wall. I snaked along the corridor, ricocheting off first one wall then another until I finally reached the door to my room. I pulled the key out of my pocket and promptly dropped it on the floor; as I bent down to retrieve it I overbalanced and ended up in a heap. Chuckles escaped unbidden and, despite my drunkenness I must have somehow realised there were people asleep nearby, so I put one finger against my lips and made a shushing sound.


Definitely well done! How many of us have been in that position after a few too many drinks? And how many of us have laughed at watching a friend in that position? I bet you can’t wait to read it now to find out what else she gets up to!


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