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When I do a job, I always do it properly. If you choose me to edit your book I will always be there to help you, even after all my work is done. I like to support authors with their book launches by publicising the event and when possible, taking part in Blog Tours.

With that in mind, here’s an update about Carlie M A Cullen. End of last year/ beginning of this year, she asked me to edit the first novel in her trilogy; Heart Search: Lost.

I have to say: this is a brilliant book, and as you turn the final page you will be screaming for more. I know I was when I edited it! With a trilogy it is traditional to leave a bit of a cliff-hanger in the hope that people will want to get book 2 when it’s released. Carlie has done such a wonderful job with hers that you will be biting your nails waiting for the publication of the next.

Earlier this week she announced the upcoming launch. It is scheduled for beginning to mid-October and she will be running a Blog Tour at the same time. There are some great giveaways too (like a Kindle, jewellery, T-shirts, mugs and much more). Keep your eyes peeled in the meantime though! There will be other events coming up first, including the official unveiling of the book cover! Being the editor, I’ve already had a sneak peek and it’s one of those covers that draws you in and piques your curiosity! I will be taking part in the Blog Tour too so keep an eye on the site for some amazing reveals!

There are still places available on the Blog Tour; for those of you who want to sign up please click here:

See Carlie’s website for more details:


3 thoughts on “Author Support

  1. Thank you, Maria, for your unswerving support throughout the whole process. I couldn’t have done it without you! I’m so happy you’re taking part in the Blog Tour as well – that’s what I call ‘going above and beyond the call of duty’. Thank you so much!

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