Brilliant post Sean!

How many editors there are out there nodding along – I know I am!

From a personal perspective, I find that sometimes it is easier to edit a novel that is overly embellished than it is to edit one on the other end of the scale with no real detail at all. At least the authors know they need to set the scene, even if they don’t quite understand how to get the balance right. It is easier to rein something in, then to try to pull it out; but it’s a learning curve for every author. Once their first novel has been professionally edited and they see where they have gone wrong, their next novel is better from the start. If some of the fledgling authors out there see this post, it might start them out right – as long as they don’t go to the other end of the scale.

Words I Stole from Other Countries

Commenting on bad writing is easy and safe for me as a blogger.  It allows me to make flippant remarks about the prose and style of others without throwing myself on the sword or putting any of my own work up for the same criticism.  So before I get into the meat of this article, I want to make clear that I do not see myself as a flawless writer.  I am constantly in search of ways to improve.  I am constantly in search of ways to remedy my own flaws.  So the observations I’m about to make are based largely on the comments of others, with hope that my readers might find them useful.  I’m making no accusations here; I’m only looking to stir the pot a bit by pointing out some interesting flaws you may not have considered.

A Wall Street Journal article was actually the catalyst that…

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  1. I agree with your response to Sean’s article and to some of the points made in the article. The difficulty is in finding a decent editor who doesn’t want one of my kidneys as payment and who isn’t a failed writer re-writing my novel into the one they always wanted to write. I have to say, my experience of copy editors is not a good one, unlike my experience of video and film editors which has always been both producttive and enjoyable.

    • Thanks JD. I know what you mean about failed writers. The one downside is they don’t always know how to edit properly. If you need an editor I have some room on my books. I’m new to the business so I don’t charge much (in my opinion), and I would never try to turn your novel into something else – I would just help it to shine!

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