Hater’s Alert!

Today is a perfect example of a day where everybody I meet hates me.

I went out clubbing with some friends last night where I downed a shot of Tequila, a Blue Lagoon cocktail, and a fishbowl of Sex on the Beach. Now I’m sure that mixture would be enough to knock many people on their knees, yet I was barely tipsy – and I could still walk in a straight line (while I could still walk thanks to the dancefloor).

Today is a whole new reason for everybody to hate me. Besides drinking enough to float a small vessel without getting drunk, I have the added bonus of never suffering from hangovers. There are tons of people from that club last night with their heads stuck down the toilet talking to God in the worst possible way, yet all I feel is a little bit tired from lack of sleep!

OK. Now it’s time for me to sit back and see how many people start hating on me because of this post! Hopefully there are a few of you though who will be laughing with me because you have the same problem (or gift)!

Over to you viewers!


2 thoughts on “Hater’s Alert!

  1. Hey Maria,

    I have the same ‘gift’ as you and have never suffered a hangover in my life, no matter how shitfaced I’ve got. The ‘haters’ are only jealous as they wish they had the same gift as us! Lol

    Carlie xo

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